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Steel cables

These products are comprised of a set of elements that transmit force, movements and energy between two points in a pre-determined manner to achieve a given purpose. The choice of cable type depends on the task at hand, handling, equipment and design of the elements where the cables will be used. A large range of cables are available depending on shape and construction.


  • Manufactured according to international standards and with highly reliable brands


  • Cables for infrastructure and support
  • Mobile and operating equipment (tow trucks, bridge derrick and perforators)
  • Hoisting drums for vertical and inclined shafts

Polyester slings

Specially designed for low and high-capacity load movement and hoisting. Our products are made according to international standards and vary in resistance according to the number of layers (up to 4 layers).


  • Very light, adjust to loads, are flexible and easy to use
  • Points of contact can be rotated to increase the sling’s lifespan
  • High resistance to rubbing, friction, abrasion and wear
  • Safety factor 5 to 1


  • Shotcrete


Strobes are manufactured through cold press and have hexagonal bushes made of carbon steel, where information can be stamped.


  • Product traceability


  • To high-risk work performed at heights or which requiring hoisting and mounting

Accessories for Crosby hoisting

Crosby products are made according to the highest quality standards and are an innovative and reliable alternative in the market. The most frequently used accessories are clips, tensioners, clips, shackles and ringbolts, among others.


  • Quick and safe maneuvering
  • Manufactured according to international standards and with highly reliable brands


  • To work at heights or to unload under complex conditions

Special products

This equipment is used to handle specific pieces and/or equipment and is designed to enhance safety and versatility. These products include accessories to hoist equipment and metallic hoisting structures.



  • Selection and design of accessories for project development
  • Assemblage of all elements that are used as hoisting accessories
  • Inspection and certification of hoisting equipment
  • Supervision of fieldwork


We provide the following services to help you manage mining projects more efficiently:

  • Inspection of hoisting elements
  • Recertification of hoisting elements
  • Services for hoist maintenance
  • Lubrication of hoisting elements
  • Certified training
  • Design and supervision of work to set up equipment
  • Non-destructive electromagnetic testing (NDT)
  • Traction and load testing