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Dramix® Fibers

Dramix® 3D, 4D and 5D steel fibers are a reference point for concrete floor
reinforcement. These products stand out for their performance, durability and ease of use. They also improve stability by significantly reducing the amount of steel required in comparison to traditional reinforcement and by decreasing the need for concrete. Additionally, these components save time and money by optimizing the project’s construction process. Dramix® Fibers meet the highest international standards and comply with local standard NTP – ISO 13270.



  • Improve performance at the project level.
  • Reduces execution time.
  • Reduces manual labor required.
  • Pavement lasts longer.
  • Does not alter the composition of the concrete mix.


  • Pavement
  • Channels
  • Slabs that lie on the ground
  • Tunnels
  • Prefabricated

Electrowelded Mesh

Electrowelded mesh is comprised of smooth or corrugated bars that are cold laminated, overlap orthogonally and are welded at all intersections.



  • Reduces material installation times.
  • Projects are executed faster.
  • Optimal quality for project purposes. Joints ensure precise positioning of bars and reduce the number of controls required.
  • Solid joints ensure effective adherence to concrete.


This mesh replaces the traditional steel frame in any element. For example:

  • Floor slabs.
  • Channels.
  • Foundation plate.
  • Lightened, solid and collaborating slabs.
  • Prefabricated.