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Cercas Pro®

Solution to close off perimeters with electrowelded and galvanized modular panels with polyester paint covering. This ensures high duration, is esthetic and easy to install. Pro Fences is ideal for industrial surfaces and roadwork.



  • Modular system that is quickly and easily disassembled, including posts and fixtures; this saves time and money.
  • Does not require in-depth or constant maintenance.
  • At the esthetic level, it is a preferred solution in different parts of the world.
  • Does not require field welding.
  • Also available in Benzinal® wire and polyester paint, which provides 3 times more resistance to corrosion.


  • Storage areas.
  • Water treatment plants.
  • Power stations.
  • Industrial Plants

Mining fence

This system delimits areas and converts them into safe and operable zones. It is comprised of a single torsion mesh with different calibers of wire and a zinc covering up to 610 gr/m2, which provides higher resistance to oxidizing agents. Additionally, this product is comprised of standard and/or Schedule 40 steel pipes, which reinforce the resistance and rigidity of the fence.



  • High level of protection due to its components.
  • Covering for hot-dipped galvanized components.
  • Covering Single Torsion Mesh, galvanized in zinc up to
    610 gr/m².
  • Modular system that is easy to install because the mesh does not require field welding.
  • Good performance in disturbed geographic areas.
  • Low investment in maintenance.


  • Fences in disturbed geographic areas.