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Guard rails

These elements of pedestrian and vehicular safety are placed in areas with crash risks. They serve both signage and contention purposes. Protection is comprised of metallic posts and profiles in “W,” which are installed along the circulation route to increase safety.



  • Regulated by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Low investment


  • Road safety
  • Areas with risk of crashes
  • Road delimitation

Certified road barriers

Systems for vehicle contention, which are located and installed on margins, in the central separators of the highway and at bridge guard rails. Barriers can be flexible, semi-rigid or rigid. A certified barrier has been subjected to impact tests in accordance with the standards of NCHRP Report 350 of the United States of America, or by EN 1317 of the European Community. The following parameters are obtained through impact testing of the safety barrier:


  • Level of contention.
  • Level of impact severity.
  • System deformation.
  • System’s capacity to redirect.