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MeshPro® Electrowelded Mesh

Comprised of smooth or corrugated rods made of black or galvanized steel that is cold laminated, with a minimum fluency of 5,000 kg/cm2; components cross orthogonally and are welded at every intersection.



  • Easy to handle and install.
  • Minimizes the risk of accidents caused by fragments of rock mass.


  • In rolls and sheets, depending on the section and operativity of installation.
  • Contains falls of rock mass that has been disturbed by blasting.
  • In conjunction with anchor bolts (adherence and friction) as a system of contention.
  • With geotextiles as screens for hydraulic fills, detrital, in pulp and cemented, emptying work.
  • Blocks off access to ventilation and pithead work.
  • Temporary, for work on underground mining fronts.

Mesh Strap

Robust beam-type structure made of Meshpro® Electrowelded Mesh with more transverse overhang that are subsequently coated with shotcrete to form beams anchored with bolts for self-supporting labors.



  • Lighter than traditional systems.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Higher operating speed in installation.


  • As a support system in conjunction with anchor bolts and shotcrete.
  • Replacement of steel trusses and sliding arches for previous technical analysis.