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Pull test

Hydraulic equipment that determines the load capacity of anchor bolts once they are installed in rock mass; permits monitoring of different anchor bolts to control underground instability in mines and on civil works.



  • Permits verification of the quality of the installed support system.
  • Mechanism of geomechanical control that improves safety on mining projects.


  • Implemented in geomechanical monitoring programs managed by the geomechanical departments at mining companies.

Grout injection

Equipment designed to cover reinforcement needs at mines: installation of bolts, cables, crack filling, prestressing, etc.  Sprayboy P 12 can take care of small tasks quickly and efficiently.



  • Easy to transport, pump, set and project
  • Hopper is made of material that is easy to clean
  • Screws parts are interchangeable depending on the use
  • Perfect for rehabilitation companies with small brigades
  • This compact machine has three functions: mixing, pumping and projecting, all of which can be accomplished by flipping a single switch.


  • In mining
  • In construction

Resin injection

Pneumatic gear pump that has a modular structure that allows different gear pumps to be installed to process polyurethane, silicate, or two-component phenolic resins. Resins can be applied through injection, filling or pulverization.



  • High-precision dosing components.
  • High performing and reliable.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Minimum maintenance requirements.


  • To seal leaks.
  • To consolidate fractured terrain.

Cable tensioning

Equipment with dual impacts that is used to tighten cables. Cable tightening prevents the concrete barrel/wedge and cover from slipping. It also generates pressure on the plate to give installed cable more stability.   



  • Provides precise data on load or tonnage that require a cable
  • Increases the safety factor


  • On mining and civil projects, to correctly tighten cable bolts to the rock mass.

Hilti BX 3- SCT BX

Works without combustion, which makes it the ideal option to conduct tests of sprayed concrete in difficult areas like tunnels and underground mines, where it is fundamental to control emissions and ensure electric efficiency.   



  • Adapts to different levels of resistance to compression
  • Determines early resistance (hours) of sprayed concrete.
  • Obtains resistances at early points, resistances of 2 MPa and 12 MPa > 3 hours.


  • For mining projects.

Digital Dynamometer

This stress test kit applies international industrial standards to assess sprayed concrete’s behavior during the first few hours of development. Complies with a requisite principle of Method A: penetration needs to measure the power to resist penetration.



  • Obtains initial resistances of 0.2MPa to 1.2 MPa


  • In sprayed concrete
  • Shotcrete inside the mine