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Packaged resins

A thixotropic compound of a polyester resin paste, packaged in a dual compartment cartridge and separated by a barrier. During installation, the bolt turns as it enters and breaks the cartridge; subsequently, the components mix generating a quick chemical reaction that transforms the putty into an anchor for solid rock, which ensures that the anchor bolt is securely situated in the rock.  



  • Excellent adherence.
  • High resistance to compression.
  • Easy and fast to place.
  • Self-control and cleanup on the work site.
  • Can be installed manually or mechanically.


  • In underground, hydroelectric, construction and tunnel excavations.
  • Anchor bolts in mines and tunnels.
  • Conventional and mechanical installation.

Cementitious cartridges

These contain cement in pasta or mix form for application; designed to facilitate dosing and precise application of cement in construction, repair or sealing work. This product consists of a cementitious mix, which is contained in a plastic cartridge that when submerged in water permits controlled moisture absorption for subsequent use in support systems.  



  • Non-toxic components.
  • No special classification for transportation.
  • Ready to use, saves time, fast-setting and lends to resistance development.
  • Very high final resistance.
  • Morter with shrinkage compensation.
  • No need to use a mixer, pump or cleaning equipment.
  • Fast and simple installation.
  • Mortar is free of chlorides.
  • Fast and efficient solution for different repair and sealing needs.


  • In underground excavations and for work on hydroelectric and construction sites as well as tunnels.
  • Anchors bolts in mines and tunnels.
  • Conventional and mechanized installation.