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Rigid formwork

Structures manufactured with steel profiles with wide brims for rigid support, whose function is to provide immediate security. This formwork can be modified to extend to the excavation line ahead of the face of the tunnel.  The beams are curved according to the geometry requested by the client.



  • Immediate support, which offers a safe work environment.
  • Flexibility in the design process, according to client’s request.
  • Easy and fast installation; given that they are prefabricated, they can be monitored quickly on the construction site.


  • Formwork in mining is used as passive support and can withstand high loads, depending on the steel profiles used.
  • For permanent work with very poor-quality rock.
  • For civil and tunnel works.
  • Designs adapt to the geometry of the excavation, with optimum interconnection.

Sliding formwork

Structures made with TH profiles, which are installed with clamps and bolts that join overlapping adjacent parts. These frames are used because they offer excellent mechanical resistance and deformation properties. The system offers support even if significant deformations occur.



  • Excellent mechanical resistance and deformation properties, which prevent closure at excavation sites and premature failure of the formwork profile.
  • Provide support after deformations have occurred.
  • Easy and quick assembly.
  • Adapts to the geometry of the gallery, bifurcations, and intersections.


  • In mining this is used to sustain on-going work where rock types are very poor and in high stress conditions.
  • Used in larger-scale excavations with higher levels of thrust.

Grooved plates

These products come in various weights, which permits use in coverings submitted to overload and structures that require greater distances; they can be waved or trapezoidal.  In mining, this works alongside metallic formwork with H beams, omega and reticulated to distribute stress from formwork to formwork and provide security in the excavation environment.



  • Easy and fast installation: prefabricated and each to assemble at the construction site.
  • Offers a more uniform and precise surface.
  • Gives formwork more resistance, which makes construction safer and more reliable.


  • For civil works (roof-covered) and mining companies.
  • As an accessory in rigid formwork installation.
  • Passive support for underground excavations.


Cold-rolled, with steel laminate and in different widths, lengths and thicknesses; also available in a galvanized product.  



  • Made with highly resistant materials.
  • Can be manufactured in different widths and lengths, according to client preferences.
  • Galvanized coverings ensure more durability to withstand the effects of corrosion.


  • Support for roofs and walls in mining excavation, in conjunction with anchor bolts.