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Reinforcement Installations

Comprehensive reinforcement services for underground mines; covers engineering, supply, installation, and quality control of installed products to ensure the stability and security of underground operations.

Chemical & Grout injections

Wide variety of injection systems designed to apply in works for ground consolidation, stabilization and waterproofing both before and after underground excavation. Three key factors for success are considered (materials, equipment, application method) to ensure the effectiveness and durability of injection processes.

Stress measurements and seismic monitoring

Stress measurements and seismic monitoring in underground mines are essential practices to assess the stability of excavations and prevent impacts from seismic events or collapse.  


In situ stress constitutes one of the important factors that condition the stability of the rock mass in underground excavations. PRODIMIN’s services and consultancy area offer the following:  


  • Studies of induced seismicity: Seismicity induced by blasting in the field (both near and far), vibration monitoring, training for vibration monitoring and data interpretation.
  • In situ geomechanical measurements: Over Coring (Hollow Inclusion) stress measurements, hydrofracturing tests, training for stress testing measurements.  

Geomechanical instrumentation

Use of specialized devices and techniques to measure and monitor geotechnical and mechanical conditions underground. These instruments are essential to evaluate the stability of excavations, prevent geotechnical risks and guarantee a safe work environment and include extensometers, monitoring of continuous convergence, load cells, piezometers, inclinometers, measurement of pore pressure, seismographs, accelerometers, geophones, instrumented cable bolt, Hole Cam, among others. 


Shotcrete or sprayed concrete is a technique of concrete application that entails high-speed projection of material on a surface.  It is typically used in construction of tunnels, mines, slope coverings and other structures that require fast and efficient concrete application. PRODIMIN offers services that cover the preparation process, transportation, projection and quality controls in both the field and laboratory. 

Consultancy and Engineering

Our engineering and consultancy service stands out for its ability to address specific problems through specialized studies to propose the best solution. We are committed to analyzing every challenge in-depth and applying a strategic focus to offer concrete and efficient solutions. 

Quality Controls

Offers a comprehensive service for quality control of support elements for mines both in the field and at the laboratory level. We strive to conduct detailed follow-up during the installation process and provide concrete recommendations based on the results obtained. Our objective is to optimize processes and strengthen safety at mining operations.

Specialized Training

We provide both on-site and online training to mining units. We take a personalized approach and ensure that the technical contents meet the unique needs of each mining reality.

Maintenance and equipment repair

Maintenance and repair of equipment is essential to guarantee efficient, reliable and safe performance of equipment; this provides significant long-term economic and operating benefits to our clients in the mining sector. Additionally, we offer training to final users to teach them to use equipment properly; educate them about basic maintenance techniques; and help them detect problems early.